About the test catalogue:

Billing: only takes place upon shipment of your order. Even though your card # is verified, you will not be charged anything until your materials are shipped.

Qualifications: If you are not qualified to buy or use testing materials, your order will be cancelled and will not be filled. If this happens your card will not be charged. However if you intentionally mis-represent yourself to be a psychologist or professor, etc., then the educational institution or professional association you have claimed affiliation with may be informed.

Ordering tests using the online catalogue:

  1. Find a test that interests you in the catalog: The catalog provides a search field, plus a table of contents. The contents is in the left side-bar and is comprised of underlined html links to each chapter to help you locate tests. The search field will provide a brief listing of possible test-titles in response to search string. Clicking on any of these test-titles will take you to that title in the chapter of the catalog where the full test-listing is located.
  2. At the full-test-listing, enter the quantity of each item that you want to order in the quantity box beside the desired item. Note that a kit usually contains a manual and forms, plus any other items you will need (e.g. don't order an additional manual if you order the kit -- kits already contain a manual).
  3. Click on an "Order" Button: This adds the quantity to your shopping cart, and takes you to the shopping cart view.
  4. In shopping cart view, either return to shopping or proceed to check-out. The steps are explained as you go along, or are self-explanatory.
  5. If you want to use an institutional purchase order number...: Please choose the payment option "Mailing or faxing a payment". This allows you to proceed to the next step in the ordering process without giving a credit card #. Then enter the details of your p.o.# in the comments section of your order. If you use a P.O. your materials must be delivered to the ordering institution receiving department. You may be contacted to request that an institutional purchase order form be provided via fax.

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